United Nations

The Millennium Forum to be held in UN General Assembly hall

UNITED NATIONS - In an unusual arrangement, the Millennium Forum has been given the use of the UN General Assembly Hall for its opening and closing sessions, which have now been scheduled for 22 and 26 May 2000.

The United Nations Secretariat has also agreed to provide other conference rooms for the meeting, which will seek to bring together civil society representatives from all over the world to consult about the global challenges that must be confronted by the United Nations in the 21st Century.

As well, in a meeting held 28-29 June, the Steering Committee of the Forum established its main sub-themes. These themes will correspond to, but not match, the themes that are being proposed for consideration by governments at the UN's Millennium Assembly meeting, which has now been scheduled for 6 September 2000.

The sub-themes for the Millennium Forum will be: 1) Peace, security and disarmament; 2) Eradication of poverty; 3) Human rights; 4) Sustainable development and environment; 5) Strengthening and democratizing the UN and international institutions; and, 6) Facing the challenges of globalization: achieving equality, justice, and diversity.

At the 28-29 June meeting, the Steering Committee also adopted a working budget for the Forum, decided that a preliminary figure of $2,031,500 will be needed for staffing, equipment, outreach, materials, and translation. More than half of the proposed budget ($1,280,000) has been allocated to insure adequate participation of NGOs and civil society representatives from the global South.

For more information, see the Millennium Forum's Website at www.millenniumforum.org