Stories in Volume 9, Issue 1 — April-June 1997


In Thailand, a home-grown project assists a neglected people

In a remote district, grassroots work by Thai Bahá'ís becomes a catalyzing force in efforts to empower the Karen people OMKOI DISTRICT, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand - Nine years ago, at the age of 60, Boonphan Intawong began a series of trips up into this remote and... Read more

The Imperative for Moral Education

The case for moral education is made most starkly by asking: Would this century's notorious death camps and campaigns of ethnic or racial purging have occurred if the world's population had achieved a higher level of moral development?  Beyond such dramatic examples... Read more
Human Rights

In Greece, NGOs organize a diplomatic event to protect forests

ATHENS - With its highly varied terrain, combining rugged mountains in the north with sun-drenched Mediterranean islands in the south, Greece contains diverse flora and fauna - and some of Europe's few remaining pristine forests. "Unlike the rest of Europe, Greece still... Read more
United Nations

Earth Summit + 5, downbeat in its assessment of progress since Rio, sends NGOs home with new energy

UNITED NATIONS - Five years ago, after some 118 world leaders at the first "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro adopted Agenda 21, a global program for environmental protection and economic development, it was greeted with banner headlines and diplomatic congratulations.... Read more
United Nations

UN reform tied to NGO access

UNITED NATIONS - Among the key points to emerge from a 30 April meeting on increasing UN access for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) was a conviction that effective reform of the United Nations system hinges on its willingness to accommodate greater participation by... Read more

Around the world, Baha'i women's groups increase their activities

Among observances of International Women's Day this year, a celebration held in the village of Piplud near Indore, India, was likely among the most removed from metropolitan civilization. Hosted by young tribal women, the event featured their dances, a sharing of... Read more

South African Baha'i wins Mandela Award

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Roslyn Mazibuko, Director of the Primary Health Care Services for the Northern province of South Africa and a member of the South African Bahá'í Community, was recently given the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights. In ceremonies... Read more

How prophets lead to profits

Managing with the Wisdom of Love:  Uncovering Virtue in People and Organizations  By Dorothy Marcic  Jossey-Bass Publishers  San Francisco  Between increasing global competition for market share, growing pressure from stockholders for profits... Read more