Stories in Volume 7, Issue 1 — April-June 1995


Religions vow a new alliance for conservation

Leaders from nine major world religions, meeting in London to discuss conservation projects, agree to higher levels of cooperation WINDSOR CASTLE, England - Few places more closely symbolize the inner sanctum of the Western establishment. For nearly 1,000 years, this... Read more

Women and Peace

When the history of how humanity finally achieved lasting peace and global prosperity is ultimately written, it is quite likely that scholars will pinpoint the decade of the 1990s as among the most fruitful periods in laying the foundations for such a new world. The end... Read more

Thousands heading to Beijing for Fourth World Conference on Women

Draft Platform forAction a focus of concern; NGO Forum promises to showcase women's accomplishments NEW YORK - At first glance, in its physical form, the draft Platform for Action for the Fourth World Conference of Women appears innocuous. Like many official United... Read more

Survey of Baha'i communities finds high ratio of women leaders

The percentage of women in positions of leadership in the Bahá'í Faith compares favorably with the percentage of women in positions of political leadership worldwide. Figures on the subject have just been collected in a survey on the participation of women in Bahá'í... Read more
Community Development

Simple health measures go far in Zambia's villages

At the William Masethla Bahá'í Institute in Zambia, training for volunteer health educators focuses on preventative care and service to the entire community LUSAKA, Zambia - Henry Kasondah's livelihood comes from his work in the soil. The 35-year-old farmer grows rice,... Read more
Human Rights

Fourth International Dialogue on a Global Society to be held at University of Maryland

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, USA - The Fourth International Dialogue on the Transition to a Global Society, whose theme will be "Divisive Barbarity or Global Civilization: The Ethical Dimensions of Science, Art, Religion and Politics," will be held 15-17 October 1995 at the... Read more
Religious Freedom

Supreme Court of India highlights Baha'i views on communal tolerance in Ayodhya decision

NEW DELHI - The Supreme Court of India, in a decision last October concerning the religious dispute between Hindus and Muslims over the Ayodhya Mosque, cited the Bahá'í teachings on tolerance and unity as an example of communal harmony. In a decision rendered on 24... Read more

Collaboration brings its own degree of empowerment

"Women and Empowerment: Participation and Decision Making " Prepared by Marilee Karl Zed Books Ltd  London and New Jersey There are those who say the product is more important than the process. Others say what counts is the quality of the process, never mind the... Read more