Stories in Volume 18, Issue 2 — July-September 2006


In Hungary, empowering Roma mothers to break the cycle of illiteracy

A Bahá’í-inspired project aims to help mothers overcome their fears of reading by encouraging them to read and tell stories to their children, creating a culture of reading at home. THE JASZSAG REGION, Hungary — Before she started studying with the MESÉD Project, Agi... Read more

Freedom of religion and the battle against extremism

Although it has often been relegated to second-class status among human rights concerns, the issue of freedom of religion or belief today stands at the center of many of our most pressing global challenges. Successful social and economic development, for example, is... Read more

Oxford conference on climate change stresses global collective action

OXFORD, United Kingdom — The challenges posed by global warming will require a far higher level of collective action and international cooperation than is currently practiced. That was among the conclusions at a conference at Balliol College here 15-17 September 2006... Read more
United Nations

Canadian lawyer joins UN Office

NEW YORK — Tahirih Naylor, a lawyer from Canada, has joined the Bahá’í International Community as a representative to the United Nations. Ms. Naylor, 28, will work closely with Bani Dugal, the Community’s principal representative to the United Nations, on human rights... Read more

At the UN, Baha'is host panel on violence against women

UNITED NATIONS — Stemming the global tide of violence against women will require changes in deeply rooted attitudes that for the most part transcend culture and national borders, said participants in a panel discussion here on 8 September 2006. Titled “Beyond Violence... Read more

UK Parliamentary seminar examines religious freedom

LONDON — Although recognized as a fundamental human right by nearly every nation, the freedom of religion or belief is woefully under-enforced by many governments and deserves more attention, said participants at a recent Parliamentary seminar here. Held 24 July 2006 and... Read more

Youth conference in Burundi focuses on social transformation

BUJUMBURA, Burundi — Young people from four Central African countries — nations that have in recent years been the scene of intense conflicts — gathered here in August for a five-day conference to discuss how youth can provide the means for peaceful social action and... Read more
Human Rights

Egypt hearing highlights ID card discrimination for Baha'is

CAIRO — The Egyptian government’s controversial policy that requires citizens to list their religion on national identification cards, while also limiting the choice to one of just three official religions, was the focus of a major symposium here in August. The event... Read more

Jamaicans celebrate 4th National Baha'i Day

KINGSTON, Jamaica — When the Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Howard Cooke, proclaimed a National Bahá’í Day for this tropical Caribbean island nation three years ago, Bahá’ís here had no idea it would become an annual event. Established in 2003 as part of the 60th... Read more

Idealism versus reality at the UN

The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations By Paul Kennedy Random House New York Paul Kennedy’s new book on the United Nations takes its title from a famous poem written in 1837 by Lord Alfred Tennyson that offers a vision of a peaceful... Read more