Stories in Volume 13, Issue 2 — July-October 2001


In Switzerland, Landegg International University wins increasing attention

Less than five years after launching major new degree-granting programs in "integrated studies," the Bahá'í-inspired institution gains official recognition by the Swiss government and assembles a global student body. WIENACHT, Switzerland - Although African herself,... Read more

Landegg's Education for Peace project seeks to break the cycle of violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina - To understand what the faculty and administration of Landegg International University mean when they speak of "integrative studies" and "applied spirituality," there is no better example than the Education for Peace project unfolding here... Read more
United Nations

Amid controversy, the World Conference against Racism reaches consensus

The 160 some governments gathered at the World Conference against Racism agreed on a number of specific steps aimed at combating racism, principally through prevention, education and protection measures at the national level, and by closer international monitoring... Read more
Race Unity

Around the world, Baha'i communities promote tolerance and racial harmony

Worldwide, Bahá'ís have sought first and foremost to build a model of racial integration within their own communities, embracing people from all races, backgrounds and classes of society. Since its founding more than 150 years ago, the Bahá'í International Community has... Read more

Uganda Baha'is celebrate 50th anniversary

KAMPALA, Uganda, 5 August 2001 (BWNS) - In a week-long celebration that opened to the joyous beat of African drums - and went on to feature a statement by Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni - the Ugandan Bahá'í community commemorated in early August the 50th... Read more

Perspective: "One same substance"

Racism originates not in the skin but in the human mind. Remedies to racial prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance must accordingly address first and foremost those mental illusions that have for so many thousands of years given rise to false concepts of superiority and... Read more

New insights from a sweeping analysis of religion

The Phenomenon of Religion: A Thematic Approach By Moojan Momen oneworld Oxford Occasionally, when the research on a particular topic is inconclusive, scientists go back and do a fresh analysis of the combined results of previous studies. The method, called "meta-... Read more