Stories in Volume 12, Issue 2 — July-September 2000

United Nations

At the Millennium Summit, world leaders uphold UN as key to peace

In a Millennium Declaration, the largest gathering of heads of state and government ever agrees to a values-based approach to promoting peace, prosperity and justice in the new century. UNITED NATIONS - Gathered at an historic Millennium Summit for three days in... Read more

Religious leaders gather for their own UN Summit, also pledging to work for peace and tolerance

NEW YORK - The images, broadcast around the globe by CNN and other major news networks, were compelling in their pageantry: some 1,000 religious leaders, representing every major world religion and resplendent in an array of saffron robes, purple vestments, white turbans... Read more

Reshaping "God's holy mountain" to create a vision of peace and beauty for all humanity

After sacrificially contributing some $250 million over a decade, the worldwide Bahá'í community is set to open in May 2001 a series of monumental garden terraces that some are calling the "eighth wonder" of the world.

The Baha'i Faith and its connection to Israel

The Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh Founded in Iran, the Bahá'í Faith today has its spiritual and administrative center in Israel because of historic forces that led to the exile of its Founder, Bahá'u'lláh, to the city of Acre, located across the bay from Haifa. After a series... Read more
United Nations

Role of NGOs upheld at the Millennium Summit

UNITED NATIONS - Although security concerns meant limited access for representatives of non-governmental organizations at the Millennium Summit, their role in world affairs was not forgotten. In their speeches and in the Millennium Declaration, world leaders recognized... Read more

Perspective: Signs of Hope for the New Millennium

At the United Nations in September, world leaders met in their largest gathering ever and signed a values-based Declaration upholding the primacy of peace, justice, equality and human dignity. This was an historic event and a sign of great hope for the world. Although... Read more

Community - more than the sum of its parts

Creating a New Mind: Reflections on the Individual, the Institutions and the Community By Paul Lample Palabra Publications Riviera Beach, Florida, USA The idea that we can transform the outer world by first changing our inner consciousness is a recurrent theme in many... Read more